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In the first instance we advise discussing your needs with your existing dental practice. If they are unable to advise you further, you can search for an ADI member here.

Before your consultation appointment it is useful to list any questions you may have. Some examples might be:-

  • How long will it take to complete treatment and what are the likely number of appointments?
  • Will I have teeth while treatment is underway?
  • Are any X-rays or other special diagnostic tests needed before starting treatment?
  • What is the anticipated cost?
  • How long can I reasonably expect the implants to last?
  • What maintenance will be necessary in the future?
  • What will the new teeth look like?
  • Are there any contraindications to my having dental implants?


Do make sure that EVERYTHING is explained fully and that you UNDERSTAND the answers.

It is important that you are fully informed about the nature of the procedures involved (and also any alternative treatment options) BEFORE consenting to go ahead with dental implant treatment.

Please note that it is no way intended nor should any intent be inferred that the listing of an ADI member provides a guarantee or endorsement of that member's ability to provide your particular dental treatment with any of the available implant systems. This listing is designed to identify members using various search methods. When a search is performed, the members are not listed according to how long they have been members nor to their experience or competency. The ADI does not accept responsibility for the treatment provided by any member. The ADI does not guarantee the accuracy of the information found herein nor does it accept responsibility for errors or omission on this site. The ADI is not liable to the users of this information or anyone else for any decisions made or actions taken in reliance upon any ADI member listed on the web.

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